Membership Benefits: The Perk Card Discounts, Deals & Specials

The PERK Card Program

Everybody loves a deal! Our extremely popular Membership PERK Card is one of the most widely used and highly valued benefits of being a chamber member. All member businesses receive one PERK card for every member of their organization. In other words, you just improved your employee benefits at no additional cost! In addition, your participation invites thousands of member organizations’ employees to patronize your business.

Specials, Deals & Discounts

Check out the specials, deals & discounts offered by our member merchants, area businesses and professionals. There is a wide range of products and services to choose from that just can’t be beat!

Want to Offer a Deal to Thousands of PERK Cardholders?

Email us with the Perk you would like to offer and we will post it right away.

Need To Print The List?

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