April Message From Chris Shaddock

I Believe…

 I believe we have, we are, and we can continue to make a positive impact on the Rutland Region. The difference being made is county wide. It’s people, just like you, that are coming together to help, support and share the good being done in the Rutland Region…

 I believe that every state in this country, every county in this state, every town in this county, every business in our community and every one of us are faced with personal challenges every day.

 I believe the twenty-seven communities that make up our county offer an amazing array of uniqueness to our beloved state. I believe it’s the character of our people, young and old, that make us different and understanding our differences is part of what makes the Rutland region extraordinary.

 I believe living, working, playing, raising a family and fulfilling my dreams right here in Rutland County has been a gift. One I treasure every day. I love Vermont’s physical beauty it makes our daily experiences exceptional. I especially love that the people living here are as authentic as the ever changing seasons.

 I believe when we concentrate on a positive purpose we can move mountains. As we search for solutions we cannot help but grow together and the process helps lessen the burden. As we highlight the good and dare to make things even better we gain the strength to endure new challenges.

 I believe whatever challenges confront us; our collective minds can find solutions. The members of the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce are a great resource of creative individuals willing to help our community in so many ways. We would love for you join us in helping make a difference.  

 I believe that any challenges ahead are obtainable because our community ultimately wants a safe, healthy and friendly place where you can live, earn a living and raise a family for generations to come.

 I am humbled by my experiences working closely with our community. I have learned so much. I am also excited about the challenges to come. I’m thankful for all the people helping us make a difference.

 I hope you can see and feel the positive impact we’re having on our region and you want to help as well…

 To your health, happiness and prosperity,



Chris Shaddock

Director of Business Development

Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce


Cell: 1-802-558-5785

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