Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is Everything!

 Anyone who knows me recognizes that fitness is my passion. I’ve been practicing for over fifty-five years. I began watching and exercising with Jack LaLanne and his dog Walter on our black and white TV at seven. As the oldest of four boys coaching became a natural progression.

I believe part of my role as Director of Business Development for the RRCC is to help the people of our county come together and focus on all the good that surrounds us. I also believe that business and fitness success run on parallel tracks with similar processes.

Here’s some simple ideas you may want to consider as you approach your new year…

If you are seeking better health, greater happiness or more wealth consider asking yourself:

“How is your Lifestyle affecting any or all of these areas?”

Now take the time to actually feel how that question stirs your emotions and put those feeling down in writing.

Being positive requires time, effort, energy, courage, concentration, awareness and practice…

Those attributes are fundamental to success whether you are aspiring to improve your physical fitness, wanting to revitalize your personal relationships or desiring to enhance your business’s bottom line.

Whether it’s your health, your relationships or your business they are all affected by your attitude. What’s really interesting is when they are all working together you feel your best.

Yet your attitude sets the tone for each and every day. When was the last time you got up in the morning and decided, today was going to be a great day? How often? If not daily, why not?

One major reason to consider why you don’t is because we are being over inundated with fear and negativity by the media twenty-four hours a day all year long. Look, nobody said acquiring an affirmative mindset was going to be easy, however…

Taking the time, making the effort, having the courage to concentrate and being aware of your attitude are critical for anyone seeking to move in the direction of their dreams. Be it your health, your interactions with people or your desire to earn a living your ability to contribute a positive attitude can only help. I think we would all agree that we tend to gravitate to positive people.

Here’s some questions you may want to consider as you embark on another set of New Year’s Resolutions for 2019.

“Why is my health important to me, the ones I love and all the people I come in contact with?”

“Is what I’ve done, what I’m doing or about to do helpful or harmful to my overall wellbeing?”

“What am I consuming in excess?”

“What is occupying my time, effort and energy in a negative way?”

I have found that taking the time to write down your honest heartfelt answers to these questions at the beginning of any new venture can help create a better plan. Most importantly when fear comes knocking and thoughts of quitting attempt to take hold it will be much easier to rekindle your motivation when you’ve written down why you made these resolutions to begin with.

If the previous questions made you stop and think while stirring your emotions you may want to ask yourself a few more…

“How do you feel when your given a gift?”

“How did you feel after you made a big purchase like a new home, a new car or a new piece of expensive jewelry?”

“How did you feel when you made a fresh start in a relationship or you began a new job?”

I don’t know about you but I typically start the following day with excitement and a positive attitude.

The question is, why don’t we approach every day for what it is; a Gift and an opportunity for a New Beginning!

 Consider approaching each New Day with a smile as if it was something really special

 Hoping this helps you in your pursuit of better health, greater happiness and a profitable business year!

Successfully yours,