Message From Chris Shaddock, Director of Business of Development

Join the Real Rutland Revolution & Be part of the Solution!

Timing is everything and the time is now for Rutland Region. Besides, if not now when?

There are so many exciting things going on already. Momentum is with us.

Help us change the region from good, to better, to being the best in the North East…

There are enough people believing in our future that we’re close to the tipping point. Thoughts become words and words become actions and actions become reality. Is it time to change your thinking?

Let’s imagine you drink coffee, ok? Which cup would you choose to fill and enjoy? The first cup is half full containing yesterday’s; old, cold, stale coffee and grinds. The second cup is empty; clean and clear. Both cups await your favorite brew. Which cup would you fill and drink from?

I hope you chose the empty one; unmuddied of any leftover residue.

Now if you are willing to continue to play along, what if you substituted the word “Cup” with the word “Mindset.” What if you were willing to let go of “Yesteryear?” What if you began to focus on a positive vision for the future of the Rutland Region. Why not take control of your mindset and begin to concentrate on the good around you?

That’s right, you have a choice. You can empty your cup of fear and negativity. You can pour the old, cold, stale story down the drain. You can choose to let go of the stories that are holding you back. You can stop adding to the problems. You can choose to embrace a more inviting story that inspires you to want to wake each day with passion and say, “I love where I live!”

Healthy, healing energy is contagious! If you open yourself to its positive flow you can feel it.

It’s really that simple. However, it is a heartfelt choice that will take effort. How you may ask? By focusing on the positive and turning your efforts towards a life style of health, happiness, prosperity and longevity so you can leave something behind worth “Living” for.

Let’s leave a legacy for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come that we can be proud of.

There has never been a better time to be on this earth than right now. Besides we don’t have a choice. That also rings true for the Rutland Region. The difference is we do have a choice to either help or harm the ongoing initiatives making the Rutland Region good, better and the best.

There are so many quality attributes about this place, the Rutland Region, that we call home. I suggest that you take the time to ask, search and discover them for yourself. When you do, write them down and begin to share what’s special to you about living here with the ones you love.


Looking for the many exciting things going on in the Rutland Region / Killington Valley, look no further because we funnel “Only the Good” that’s happening here on our website:

We welcome your suggestions and thoughtful solutions in making the Rutland Region the Best we can be… We greatly appreciate and value your support. Thanks for reading and please share this message with your friends and family.

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