Mary Cohen 3

Spring Greetings From Mary

Hello Chamber Members and Friends!

I know we are all thankful the sun is out, and Spring is right around the corner…I think.

We are very excited about all that is going on here at the Chamber as we get ready for the Annual Business Show, Chamber Golf Classic and the third FACES of the RUTLAND CHAMBER Directory. In addition, we will be hosting another Stay to Stay Reception, welcoming several new families to the region and continue with our Regional Marketing Initiative. We received an incredible email from a new participant of the Stay to Stay program that I would like to share with you:

“As for why Rutland. We took a week-long family vacation to Vermont last summer and fell in love with the state. Unfortunately, we only drove through Rutland on our way up to Burlington, but the beautiful downtown architecture and Green Mountains stuck in my mind. After that trip, we knew that Vermont was the place to relocate and raise our kids. We’ve spent hours and hours researching online where might be the best place to start our new life and we kept landing on Rutland. It has everything we could ask for including year-round recreational activities, urban amenities, incredible community involvement, affordable housing, etc. My wife and I love how the community is making such a great effort to restore and revitalize the town and we are hoping to be a part of that.”

This is a clear message that all of our efforts to attract people to our region is beginning to work! Thanks to all the business partners and community members throughout the county who are helping make this happen!

Stay Positive! This is a great place to live work and raise a family!


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