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The 9th Annual Cobra Show

Every year, we put on a show to display the variety of talent that we have at Cobra Gymnastics and Dance. Join us for a great demonstration of our athletes can do in the gym! Pre-school, Recreation, and Team
will all be represented!
Admission: $4 for ages 7+, 6 and under get in free!

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Sun Salutations for the Winter Solstice

Mark your calendars, as it’s that time again! Come celebrate the shortest day of the year with 36 surya namaskar (sun salutations) interspersed with 18 chandra namasker (moon salutations). I will lead 6 rounds of 6 distinct variations of sun salutations and 3 rounds of 6 different versions of moon salutations. Listening to your body is encouraged whenever needed, and you can rest in child’s pose with the prana of the group rising all around you. This is a great opportunity to be in community, and rededicate yourself to your yoga practice during this busy season. This is a just regular class (but an exciting one), so normal class rates apply. I hope to see you there!

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