Healthcare, Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Availability of high quality healthcare in the Rutland Vermont area ranges from walk in clinics and urgent care facilities to a full-service regional medical center and several choices of pharmacies. Rutland is home to the Rutland Regional Medical Center  – the largest community hospital in Vermont and the second largest hospital in Vermont.

State-of-the-Art Healthcare Technology

Healthcare and medical services providers in the Rutland employ sophisticated state-of-the-art techonology including advanced diagnostic imaging, a top-of-the-line linear accelerator used in the treatment of cancer patients, and a diagnostic Cardiovascular and Angiographic Lab.

Wide Availability of Healthcare Services and Healthcare Professionals

Available primary care services include primary care physicians, general practicioners, family physicians, nurse practicioners,  dentists and orthodontists.  Secondary Care availability includes the Rutland Regional Medical Center as well as physical therapists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians and acute and emergency care.  In addition, the Rutland region has several options for home care, long-term care, assisted living, treatment for substance use disorders and other types of health and social care services.