Mary Cohen 3

July Greeting From Mary

Hello Chamber Members!

Summer is in full swing and so is the Chamber!

The Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce just hosted Nick Kessler and Brian Fulmer of the “Road Trip Masters” show on Discovery’s Destination America Channel. It was great fun to watch the team drive around in a convertible ’68 Cadillac and visit and film some interesting things in our region to entice people to come visit! Thanks to the Red Clover Inn, Table 24, The Vermont Marble Museum, Proctor Marble and the Killington Adventure Center for being gracious hosts. The episode will be shown in season 2 which begins in January 2018 and will be shown on three separate Discovery Channels. Watch for a Rutland Public showing early next year. Rutland doesn’t get nearly enough chances to brag – this was a wonderful opportunity! You can check out the show at

Our Regional Marketing Initiative continues to move forward with Mondo Mediaworks busy creating a new brand for the Region. We will be holding a public meeting to tell everyone what we are doing and very importantly WHY we are doing this in late summer/early fall. Watch for the details!

We’ve had the opportunity recently to take a tour of “THE MINT”, Rutland’s new Makerspace!  Are you familiar with what a makerspace is? From their website:

“A Makerspace is more than just a shared workshop with all the tools you don’t have space for or couldn’t afford on your own. A Makerspace is a community of people sharing their knowledge, experience and ideas in addition to tools, equipment and workshop space. Its members are a diverse group featuring hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, local school representative and students as well as start-up, non-profit and for-profit companies.”

There will be an opportunity to see the space at the open house taking place August 12th from noon to five. Check it out!

We are very excited about Winter in August being a block party again this year. We appreciate all the great restaurants and organizations that participate. Remember – you don’t have to be a restaurant to show off your business, you only need to provide food for the crowd. This is a fantastic opportunity to show over 500 people what you do! Contact Penny for more details which are described further in this newsletter! We are really looking forward to another magnificent event!

Enjoy the summer weather and we hope to see you soon!