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Winter Fest – Winter Fat

Pine Hill Partnership will be hosting fat bike no-drop rides at Pine Hill Park. This event will be part of Rutland City’s Winterfest.

No-drop rides will be separated into ability levels. An aid station will be available to all ride levels. Group rides will go out at 9:00AM from Giorgetti parking lot and we will all return to Giorgetti for lunch before noon (most likely a cold-weather BBQ unless we can find someone to donate food).

Rest rooms will be available in Giorgetti Arena.

If there is snow, then we will have specially groomed trails via our SnowDog. If there is no snow, then we’ll ride some alternative routes.

A $30 donation/registration before February 21st gets you a t-shirt (Tin Man on a bike) and lunch.

Limited fat bike demos will be available from Green Mountain Bikes. Some fat bike rentals will be available from Col Cycles. After February 21st, t-shirts and lunch will be available on a first come, first serve basis. All funds raised will go toward paying off the remaining tab on the SnowDog, fuel, and maintenance.


Snail Mail Donation at $30 (please state t-shirt size):

PayPal.com Donation at $30 to (please state t-shirt size):

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