Being Involved Matters

I believe when we concentrate on a positive purpose, we can move mountains. I’m involved with the RRCC for my children, my grandchildren and generations to come. I believe that when we focus on what’s good about our community more good follows. Our community is special and here’s just a few examples that as a community “We Can!” make a difference because we already have over the years…


  • Tropical Storm Irene
  • The Blood Drive
  • Project Vision
  • RHS Athletic Field
  • The Paramount Theater
  • New White’s Pool
  • Center Street Market Place Park

The simple fact that you are a member of the RRCC is making a difference for members and non-members alike. I can honestly say that after twenty months of interacting on a regular basis with the over four hundred businesses and their representatives in the Rutland region, to a person we have similar goals.

Whether I’m talking with large corporate leaders, business professionals, small mom and pop operators or the day to day workers themselves, people want sustainable growth. They also want to preserve the amazing environment we’re fortunate to be surrounded by. We, the people, may have different approaches to that end but the vision is similar.

Knowing what we don’t want matters too. What I’ve learned is we do not want to have our region to look like Chittenden County. These may be “buzz words” but as a community we truly are communicating, cooperating, collaborating and with that we’re changing our image nationally. Because of the efforts of many; the real estate market is up and the crime rate is down.

There are more positive things coming. Nobody said it was going to be easy but nothing worth an honest day’s effort ever is. We thank those already involved for making the effort because many hands pushing and pulling in the same direction makes challenging tasks easier. We want every business that supports the RRCC that your contribution is helping make a difference…

There will always be challenges. We encourage any and all people, in our region, to help and become part of the solutions to the challenges ahead. We welcome you and your business in joining the largest network of people whose focus is to make Rutland Region one of the most desired destinations in the Northeast!

Here’s to living, working, earning a living and playing in paradise for decades to come…

Healthfully yours,

Chris Shaddock
Director of Business Development for the RRCC

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