American Red Cross Blood Drive

Give the gift of life!


With your help the Gift of Life Marathon can help fill some of the need.

Blood supplies drop considerably around the holidays – but YOU can make a difference in someone’s life!

The Gift of Life Marathon will take place over 3 days December 20-22, 2017

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December 20: 11am to 6pm at Castleton University Campus

December 21: 10am to 6pm at Holiday Inn

December 22: 8am-6pm at Holiday Inn

There is also a team challenge….your business, club, non profit or group can register a team and have the chance to win a Maple Creemee Party thanks to Vermont Truffle Company.  If you don’t have a team, feel free to let them know you are part of team Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce.  To enroll your team, call Julia at 802-497-6780 or e-mail


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Is a maple creemee party not enough motivation?

Does this beautiful face motivate you?

Your donation helps children like Kinzie live to see another day!

Here is Kinzie’s story….

On July 28, 2015, after months of vague symptoms and emergency room visits, six-year-old Kinzie Frey was diagnosed with stage-four, high-risk neuroblastoma. Her tumor was the size of a mini basketball. Kinzie’s doctor immediately began an aggressive treatment protocol, often referred to as “kitchen sink,” to fight the cancer and prevent it from returning.

Throughout this experience, Kinzie never stopped smiling and spreading positive energy to everyone she met. During a couple of her tougher rounds of chemo, she worked for hours making handmade cards for patients on the pediatric and adult oncology floor. She wrote, “Hi, my name is Kinzie. You will get better soon. Have a good day and night.” She constantly thanks the nurses for the shots they give her because she says “they help me.” She’s never complained about treatment or going back to the hospital one time.

In the course of her treatment, Kinzie has received an astounding number of transfusions totaling 46 red blood cell transfusions and 72 platelet transfusions. Her Mother Holly says, “If it weren’t for the generosity of blood donors, Kinzie wouldn’t be here with us today. Those blood donations aren’t only a gift to Kinzie but to our family, friends and supporters. They are also a reminder to give for the benefit of others.”

You can follow Kinzie’s progress here:

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