Help Us Help You

Help Us… Help You… Help Your Neighbor…

Let me begin by wishing you, your loved ones and your business family a healthy, happy and hope filled 2018!

Eight months ago I was unaware of how significant a role the RRCC plays in helping promote the positive; people, places and events in our county.

Fortunately I trusted my heart in taking on this responsibility and challenge. I believe together we are making a difference and I’m proud to share my passion for this special place we call home.

What’s exciting is with each new business we attract we are creating new jobs and more importantly we are laying a foundation of future opportunities for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. We’re helping make dreams come true!

I personally want to thank you for your participation because every member brings great value to our community and the RRCC. We want to extend our referral rewards program for you this year until 6-30-18 for your efforts as we grow the region together. Click here for more information

Special Thanks… To our members that have already taken advantage of our new referral program and earned rewards:

Each referring members will be receiving up to $375 in RRCC Benefits, congrats!

Please feel free to ask me for help anytime. I’m a text, email or phone call away.

To your health, happiness and hope this new year,


Chris Shaddock
Director of Business Development
Cell: 1 (802) 779-4629

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